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Many of us have a talent, and may need some assistance to really allow that talent to flourish.
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We are looking for a diverse range of creative talent, from across many different disciplines.
Writing, acting, dancing, singing, and so much more!

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MRON Media is a new talent network dedicated to promoting diverse creative talent from the Urban Community!

We’re building a unique media conglomerate – a blend of art and technology, looking for diverse, creative individuals to join us. Artists, fiction writers, musicians, singers, songwriters, poets, dancers, and choreographers, we need your creativity to bring our ideas to life.

We also need IT, tech, and software development professionals to support our innovative projects. Together, we will create an inclusive, world-class media agency to inspire audiences globally.

If you’re ready to challenge conventions and transform the media world, we’re ready for you. Let’s make history together.

Create Your Profile:

Your entry point into the world of creative fulfillment! Create a profile to be seen by potential clients, agents, managers, and other creatives.

Join our Roster of Creatives:

This roster is shown to clients and agencies looking for specific creative talent. This is an avenue for creatives to monetize their talent by pairing them with the right clients.

Apply for Auditions:

Mosaic Media periodically holds auditions for selecting in house creative staff talent for projects. Audition invitations and information will be sent to our members directly and then members can apply.

Multinational Opportunities:

We will have opportunities for employment in other countries as well as networking events abroad.

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Message from our Founder

Welcome to MRON Media, and thank you for your time and interest. Mosaic was started out of necessity, as a means to solve some issues I encountered during my journey to creative fulfillment. Several questions came up, which I didn’t quite have an adequate answer for at that point in time. How do I get this published? How do I get this out to the masses? How do I make money off of this? These and other questions are what led me to create MRON Media. 

We are dedicated to helping other creative talents realize their potential, build a strong, solid foundation for their future, and navigate a sometimes confusing process. Please look at what we have to offer, and we welcome your engagement. So if you have any feedback, please share it with us. If you are a creative talent, we look forward to establishing a positive, productive relationship with you. If you know anyone who is a creative talent, please let them know about us. Once again, thank you for your time and interest in MRON Media.

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To help creatives develop
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What Our Clients Saying

The Mosaic Media network holds a lot of promise. As we expand into more diverse content development we are in need of a diverse talent base to tap into.
James Ogilvy - Showrunner
This is exciting. I can't wait to leverage the talent network for upcoming productions. I will also be offering my personal consulting services on the network.
Mike Vandergrill - Executive Producer
This is long overdue. The only way to ensure equity within the talent pool is for diverse creatives to organize a network that talent recruiters can access and support.
Leslie Hurd - Talent Agent

Team Talent

Pick event-tested teams to handle a myriad of different events: Weddings, Parties, Concerts, Celebrations, Commercials, Plays, Stagecraft, and Fashion shows.
Team members are familiar with, used to, and enjoy working with each other, increasing productivity and quality Size and intricacy of teams can be chosen based on needs Team can handle very specific needs, all the way up to handling the entire event.

Gayle Campbell

Social Media Influencer & Marketer


Tarik Jameson

Promoter & Tour Manager


Jared Clayton

Musician and Music Producer